AGAVE MINT was created out of my love for my family and my desire to give them something special that I crafted with my own hands. I only wanted them to have the best so I researched and found the best premium ingredients and also the delicious recipies.

There i was deciding where to go, when and the most important what to do to continue enjoying life away from home.
Christmas was coming and i wanted to gave an original present to every single family member since that was my last christmas with them before my own adventure in a new city, again i was thinking what to give them; i wanted to give them something which i can left my essence, something funtional but above all that , that they could enjoy it and want more, that is how my best idea ever born…I made SOAP.
I started learning everything about the saponification, extraction of natural essences, extracts of plants, plants, seeds and their benefits on the skin, different types of presentations, smells, combinations of ingredients, natural colors, and everything related as possible to cause a divine sensation on the skin of course smell too and that my family felt close to me. I ridiculously enjoyed making these soaps, I was very eager for them to try it and tell me about their experience.
The day came and I moved, to a place I had never been before, without knowing anyone, I was alone, only with my 40 kg of luggage and my desire to triumphant hahaha.
After 2 years of receiving beautiful opinions of my soaps not only from my family, but also from more people to whom I was giving and selling, I am here feeding this website so everyone IS WELCOME to enjoy the wonderful handcraft soaps that I started doing by my hands.
I want you to be sure that in each inch of bar soap there are authentic ingredients of unmatched quality but above all the most magical DEDICATION, PASSION accompanied by LOVE to take you to the edge of reality with its aroma and sensation.

Thank you I appreciate your time to read this little story to let every body know how AGAVE MINT came true.

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